2016 Publications

2016 Publications

Association of Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms With Pediatric Quality of Life.
Zuzana Novak, Mary Aglipay, Nick Barrowman, Keith O Yeates, Miriam H Beauchamp, Jocelyn Gravel, Stephen B Freedman, Isabelle Gagnon, Gerard Gioia, Kathy Boutis, Emma Burns, Andrée-Anne Ledoux, Martin H Osmond, Roger L Zemek
JAMA Pediatr. 2016 Dec; 170(12): e162900
[PMID: 27775762 ]

Acute Outcomes of Isolated Pneumocephali in Children After Minor Blunt Head Trauma.
Ashley Blanchard, Keven I Cabrera, Nathan Kuppermann, Peter S Dayan
Pediatr Emerg Care. 2016 Oct
[PMID: 27741077 ]

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