PROMPT-BOLUS (Weiss & Balamuth)

PROMPT-BOLUS Protocol Did you know that PROMPT-BOLUS is the largest pediatric emergency multi-network prospective randomized control trial?  Read more about it above.   As of March 2024, Dr Balamuth & Dr Weiss and all of the networks in PECARN, PREDICT, and PERC have enrolled 75% of the projected enrollments, and still steady, anticipated to complete … Read more

PERN Data Availability (Jim Chamberlain)

What data are easy to procure across the world? Category 1: Easy to Moderate – Visit reason, Emergency Diagnoses Category 2: Moderate – Hospital Length of Stay, Hospital Diagnoses Category 3: Chart Review required – Vital Signs, Medications, Laboratory Results, Pain Scores Category 4: Data not collected in most sites – Race, Ethnicity, Preferred Language … Read more

PERN COVID-19 Studies (Freedman et al.)

The relative risk of household contacts becoming SARS-CoV-2 positive goes up 5x if there is an asymptomatic child who was positive Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2-Positive Youths Tested in Emergency Departments: The Global PERN-COVID-19 Study Prospective cohort study of children with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection presenting to paediatric emergency departments: a Paediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN) Study Protocol … Read more

Global Asthma Practices (Simon Craig)

Pediatric Academic Societies 2024 in Toronto, ON, Canada Dr Simon Craig (PREDICT) discusses preliminary global variations in asthma care.  There are variations in use of IV bronchodilators and xanthophyllines, though more consistencies in inhaled bronchodilators …

News From PERN Global​

News From PERN Global An Interview with the former PERN Chair, Dr Nathan Kuppermann Dr Kuppermann discusses the origins of the Pediatric Emergency Research Network (PERN), its early successes and challenges, and what he had envisioned for PERN and pediatric emergency research. Return to News